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Taulman PCTPE

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349 SEK    inkl. moms

A Plasticized Copolyamide TPE

An extremely flexible yet durable and strong TPE and nylon based material. PCTPE was designed to be both highly flexible, yet retain the durability of nylons. Single perimeter parts can be wadded into a ball, yet are difficult to stretch out of shape. With a lower printing temperature than our nylons, PCTPE easily prints on "Any" 3D printer at only 225C - 230C. While extremely flexible the nylon insures 1.75mm line is no problem for direct drive or bowdens feed systems. That determination was made by our testers as every sample of PCTPE sent out was 1.75mm.

From AOSmith Industries: PCTPE is ridged enough to hold its shape when welding yet flexible enough that it wont snap or break when the workers bump it against the table or apply side forces to handles.

  • Prints at 225C - 230C on glass w/PVA heated to 45C
  • Elongation @ Break = 370%+

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